Misc. notes

bad things in sw

  • Functional correctness: It doesn’t produce the results we expect.
  • Reliability: It mostly shows correct answers but sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Usability: Sure it works but it is inconsistent and frustrating to use.
  • Accessibility: Like usability, but exclusionary and probably illegal.
  • Predictability: It has random spikes in resources such as memory, I/O, or CPU usage, or occasionally hangs for a noticeable amount of time.
  • Observability: It mostly works, but when it doesn’t it is hard to identify why.
  • Compliance: It works but it doesn’t handle personal information correctly, say.
  • Security: It works as designed but it exposes security vulnerabilities.

The purpose of testing is to increase confidence (reducing uncertainty) for stakeholders (anyone who is affected) through evidence (data, not reputation).